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Як вибрати тарифний план хостингу?

There are three types of hosting:


Shared hosting

For small projects, individual sites, stores up to 4000 items, etc. The simplest and most common type of hosting. Dozens of sites are stored on one server. Disk space and computing power are split between users.

Virtual Dedicated (VPS / VDS) Server
For powerful projects, portals and stores with over 4000 items. In this case, there are about 20 so-called virtual machines on one physical computer. Each has its own operating system, guaranteed amount of RAM, server computing capacity and other resources.

Dedicated server
For Internet banking and projects with high security and performance needs. In this case, you have at your disposal the entire server, which is located in the data center of the hosting company. This type of hosting is used for large projects or internet services, mostly national in scope. Typically, datacenters offer two options, either to rent a hosting company server or to host your own computer (collocation).

 How to choose virtual hosting?

To make a choice, it is enough to evaluate three parameters:

  • Number of domains / sites.How many sites can run on your hosting at a time.
  • Cost / No comment, but overall the prices in the hosting market are stable and about the same across all major players.
  • Amount of space
  • Website benchmark from 500 MB, for online store from 1000 MB.

All other parameters also play a role, but if you plan to rent a good hosting company's other fundamental play no role.


Tips for choosing a site plan: 

  • Business card or corporate site - use the minimum tariff on the selected hosting, but not less than 500Mb.
  • Product Catalog or Online Store - space is at least 1,000 Mb (1 Gigabyte).