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Вибір хостінгу для сайту: на що звертати увагу?

Hoster server locations

If you plan to place a site-oriented Ukrainian user should choose Ukrainian hosting servers in Ukraine, because Ukraine on site roztashovannyy on the Ukrainian server will open faster.

Daily back-up.

Choose a hosting provider that guarantees you automatic backups every day. This option will save you the need to deploy back-up databases and files manually, as site restoration is possible automatically. You can always roll back a version of your site to the previous version if a bad plugin or template update has rendered the webpage unusable.

Support for popular CMS

These include, for example, 1C-Bitrix, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart. This option is required if you want to quickly deploy, say, a blog on WordPress and then have no problems with databases and installing additional scripts. Also, note the server settings for handling these CMSs.

Protection against DDoS attacks

There is no absolute protection against DDoS attacks, but look out for competition in the market. For the most part, DDoS attacks are related to market sharing and competition from hosting providers. If the provider you choose has some conflicts with your competitors, it is very likely that you will be involved in the process of identifying relationships between competitors.


Percentage uptime is not promised to you by any honest hosting provider. Too many unforeseen factors that pose a risk of server crashing should also be periodically restarted.

Understandable c-panel

Because the worse DDoS attacks that happen once a year are the daily study of long directories to manage your own project. The simpler the hoster control panel, the better, choose systems that can be grasped without a degree in space program development.

Free site transfer to hosting

This service host demonstrates his loyalty to the users and readiness to solve your tasks and problems.


Adequate technical support

Read host reviews and policies. Avoid the hosts who formulate their involvement in the maintenance of your account in the following way: "We only send you." Choose the provider who is ready not only to explain the problem, but also to solve it.

FTP access

Today it is a mandatory component of any Ukrainian hosting. Note the quality of the FTP connection.