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Шрифти для сайту

The best choice for the site will be easy-to-read fonts, not serif, Cyrillic-enabled, common.


Times New Roman

What can a customer say about "Play with fonts"?

The font should match the nature of the product, logo, overall design and design. If the site design is modern, the square elements will be out of place. Conversely, in "With Radius" designs, all elements of the serif font will look alien.

The easier-to-understand eye type, the faster and more efficient web page will report the information to the client.

Finding a unique font is inherent in projects with an unfinished idea, a business where the creator himself is not sure about the benefits of his product. The font will not give the company confidence, but will lead to many questions.

Gothic and handwritten fonts are appropriate in branding companies with history (created in the time of handwritten font and sharpened pen), for yesterday's brand (trademark) such "antique" fonts will look like an attempt to deceive the client.

Style is the lack of extra. Simplicity and conciseness are more credible.