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Web-decision for business


Preparing interface layout and integration management system, web development, seo, maintenance.

Language localization of sites, integration of payment systems.

Optimizing content and site structure, lead generation.

Web design

Web Design / Website Design / Online Store Design / Landing Design / Website Redesign / Adaptive Design / Custom Design


Website Audit / Website Optimization / Content Marketing / Web Analytics / Website Adaptation For Website Search Engine / Website Acceleration / Free Customer Engagement


Websites / Corporate websites / Online shops / Landing Page / Business card / Online store / Web portals / HR portals / Online services

Web security

Updates and upgrades / Adaptation to new devices / Analytics and statistics / Integration of new technologies and solutions / Bug fixes / Technical support

Website development

CMS WordPress
  • Responsive web design
  • Easy and understandable content management system
  • SEO optimization
  • Page animation and quality effects
  • Website structure adapted for promotion to Google
  • Modern technologies: HTML5, JS, CCS3, Photoshop, PHP, Bootstrap;
What do we offer?

Sites that just work

WordPress is an intuitive and friendly interface. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can easily manage the admin of your own site!

CMS WordPress Content Management System

Among all sites using content management systems (CMS), WordPress reached 60.2%. The largest corporations and organizations that use WordPress on their own websites make a pretty impressive list: The official residence of the US President, The Wirecutter / New York Times, Sony Music, BBC America, the most popular Firefox web browser, uses WordPress to manage the official Mozilla blog , the main NGINX site runs on WordPress, Microsoft