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Рєстрація домену: вибір доменного імені


Creating a domain name

There are two ways we recommend choosing a domain name:

1) the domain name is your business name or trademark, typed in Latin letters.

1) the domain name is the direction of your business. Example: avto.if.ua - for the site of auto parts or car selection in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Try to avoid:

  1. Names with more than three words, for example - pidbiravtoivanоfrankivsk.іf.ua; ambiguity in the perception of the site name. First of all, it concerns names that contain the letters e, w, and, e, w, and, y, i. Also, transliteration and translation of words containing the letters x (h, kh), μ (ts, z), (w, v), to (c, k, ck) may also be different. In this case, try to register domains in all spellings, and if this is not possible, then register the most spellbinding one for your audience.
  2. Cyrillic domains:  Avoid them, because the google search links will look like an abracodabra type % 30% В0 …
  3. Choose an easy-to-remember domain. It should be simple, concise and understandable. Avoid hyphens and numbers in the domain - this makes it difficult for the user to remember the site address, brand awareness. *

* Compare: moda4you.com and modaforyou.com; the second option will move much faster than a domain with a number instead of letters.


Where to register a domain in Ukraine?


The national domain name registrar, Imena.UA, is today a recognized leader in the Ukrainian market.

Imena.ua is the national domain name registrar. The company was established in 2001, specializing in registration of domain names and trademarks.Imena.UA is ICANN- accredited registrar and is a member of the Internet Invest group of companies.

Choose domain name as early as possible. Even at the stage of business planning, before entering the Internet, choose unique and original names that will stand out among the competitors and will become your calling card.


Domain name registration service for you:

  1. The domain is registered to a separate email address created for you and to your passport data (you need to provide them to the developer);
  2. The payment for the domain registration comes from your account, which you personally sent.
  3. The developer orders the domain for you and forms a receipt for payment in the user's office of Imena.ua.