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Розробка семантичного ядра


Semantic core Is the set of keywords that a web page appears in search of a user based on his or her search query.

Keyword Is the word that an advertiser wants their ad to appear on.

Search query Is a word that a person writes in the search bar when they want to find something.

Keywords are used by advertisers to sell something, and searches are used by users to buy something.

Creating a kernel

In order to form a semantic kernel, it is necessary to select from the search queries the ones that most closely match the content of the services or goods offered on the web site.

It is necessary to take into account the language versions of the site and specific services.

For example, the following queries will be the semantic core for this site:


* According to service Keyword Tool. As you can see, users' searches vary depending on the language localization.


  • site development price
  • site development Lviv
  • site development
  • site development Ivano-Frankivsk
  • site development Lutsk
  • site development Kiev
  • site development contract
  • site development cost
  • development of a business card site
  • site development Vinnitsa
  • site development in Ternopil
  • web site development
  • create a website from scratch
  • website development
  • site development services
  • site development company
  • site development Kiev
  • website development Kalush
  • site development Kamyanets-Podilskyi
  • development of corporate site
  • site concept development
  • site development lviv price


How do I choose Adwords keywords?

If you need keywords for Google, Keywords Planner is your main tool.

Log in to your account, click Tools and find Keyword Planner there:

What to write here?

Words that most accurately describe a product or service (most often two or three words). If there are many goods or services, write them down in a separate table. For example, this site provides various types of services: site development, site promotion, contextual advertising, text writing and more.

Select the base words for each activity and write it down in a table. For the site development service base, in addition to the word site development, will be Landing development, creation of online store.

Key words are:

Low requests - up to 100 per month;
medium frequency - 1,000;
high frequency - from 1000.

The words that most accurately characterize an activity are most often asked - these are low-frequency queries:

If the subject is narrow, this is usually the case. Forming semantics based on low- and medium-frequency queries is the right solution.

How to use semantic kernel?

The searches for which your web property will be promoted should be reflected in the site structure, page titles, content and navigation elements.

The semantic kernel is something that must be considered before creating a site structure and developing lead for site conversion.

It is especially important to take into account the semantics of the web project when creating a landing site that provides all the important information to the top.

The semantic kernel determines the structure of the site and the content of each individual page that are most relevant to the search query of the target audience of the website.

The main page should respond to the main request (in the case of this site: "site development"), the secondary pages - to additional requests (price, contract, terms of reference, promotion and site support).