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Реєстрація домену: вибір доменної зони

Domain zone selection:


For the Ukrainian Internet segment, you should not choose a domain name zone RU, as well as all territorial domain zones. Prior to the introduction of legal restrictions on some Russian resources, a domain in the RU zone was a popular choice for sites. As of today, there is a possibility of a ban on the RU domain in Ukraine.


UA domain zone under national law requires trademark registration. This is the only territorial domain to which such a requirement applies.

To register a .UA domain, you must first register a trademark (TM) in Ukraine with the same name as the one in the domain. For example, if you want to register wpress.ua you need a TM called "Wpress". This process can take from 3 months, requires the involvement of lawyers.


COM domain a common top-level domain for use by business organizations; name derived from English. commercial. Pronounced as a dot-com.

The COM domain zone is subconsciously trusted. At first, only commercial organizations could acquire the COM domain. This has created a strong, solid business association that has remained so far.COM is a simple domain, easy to remember. If a person has heard the name of your site or reprinted it from a business card, it will not be mistaken in spelling, that is, it does not accidentally get to a competitor.COM goes well with any name. It's just as easy to associate it with your business name, your name, or your business destination. Or, you could first come up with a website name and build a brand on it.



Domain zone som.ua 

The COM.UA domain zone is the largest Ukrainian domain zone, with more than 300 thousand domain names registered in it. Although the domain zone was only intended for business use, anyone can now buy the COM.UA domain for themselves and their businesses.

.COM.UA domain registration is open not only to residents of Ukraine but also to those who are not residents of the country. This domain zone will best represent your online business, especially if you are doing business in Ukraine. This type of data speaks not only to the geographical location of your business, but also to the quality and decent image of your project.


.In.ua domain

A relatively new public domain zone. In, is an abbreviation of the English word individual. It was intended that it would be used by individuals to host personal pages. However, most interpret the domain name literally as “in Ukraine”. Therefore, the domain zone in.ua is equally well suited for both legal entities and individuals.



.Biz domain  - is a common top-level domain designed for business organizations to register; the name is derived from the slang pronunciation of the English word "business." It was created to dilute the demand for another .com domain as an alternative if the original name was already occupied in the last domain. There are no legal or geographical restrictions on .biz domain registration. But it should be a "bona fide" or "honest" business - this is a remark made to reduce the focus on the cyber squatters domain, thus favoring a legitimate trademark.

In fact, this domain is actually purchased without restriction. If there is no appeal from the trademark owner, the domain can be registered by any applicant. Critics have noted that the domain is unpopular with respected entrepreneurs, including through the active use of spammers.



.Org domain

Top-level shared domain (from English organizations). Pronounced as 'dot-org'.

Founded in January 1985, many other countries have second-level national names with a similar designation, but under the national domain of the country, such as .org.ua in Ukraine.

Purpose for nonprofit organizations.



NET.UA domain

The second-level public domain was created in 1995. For more than twenty years, domain rules have been repeatedly modified to better meet the needs of the online community.

.Net.ua domain - the domain zone of Ukraine for organizations engaged in providing network services (Internet service providers, hosting providers, mobile operators and other telecommunication operators).



Domain KIEV.UA delegated for the benefit of the community of Internet users engaged in business, social, economic, cultural, educational, informational or administrative activities, other activities not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as having legitimate interests within the territory determined by the administrative boundary of the city of Kyiv and Kyiv region of Ukraine.