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Прив’язка домену

You can bind a domain to your hosting using two methods:

Change A record in the current DNS zone

This method involves changing your A record in the DNS zone. This means that switching the A-record must move the DNS zone where your name server now points.

If you choose this option, your DNS zone file with all the necessary records (CNAME, MX, NS and others) will remain with your current provider (domain registrar). This approach may be easier for beginners or those who do not want to change the location of their DNS zone.

Installing a new DNS zone with your own server names

In your hosting account go to the "domain parking" or "domain settings" and enter your domain name in the box. As a rule, prefixes (http: // and www) are not used in its writing.

After registering the hosting, the DNS server must be registered in the domain settings with the registrar. To do this, visit your domain registrar's website, log in to your account and see your domain in the "my domains" section. After that, go to its configuration and in the appropriate column enter the DNS server of your hosting.