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Майстри Зору Лендінг для мережі салонів оптик



Landing for least salon optic. Filing a site-visit on Landing page with the catalog of goods. The main method of the project was the presentation of the Maistri Zoru team and their services. For the whole site, there’s been realized a right to recall the points of generation, such as: zvovlneniya zvorotnogo dvіnka, record to the likar, pidpiska on the update of articles and goods, the possibility of asking for food about the product and the form of the zvoryazku. Corporate colors: black and white, victorian non-standard round fonts, one designer's company’s font.

Project details

  • ClientOpticians' Network of Vision Masters
  • Technology15.05.2018
  • Datedesign, Landing Page
  • development of the site in accordance with the corporate color scheme pink / blue;
  • site localization in 3 languages: the main language of the site is Ukrainian, two additional languages: Russian and English;
  • newsletter for users and visitors of the site in 2 languages;
  • SEO and social meta tags, posting on the social network;
  • map of optic network stores with interactive data