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Інтернет-магазин мотоциклів

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Creating an online store for the sale of motorcycles and accessories for the company Rahvamoto. Shop created using   WooCommerce / Wordpress CMS. The design was chosen from a standard template with changes to icons, colors and other elements. The product catalog is managed directly from WooCommerce as well as from the convenient CMS management system.

Project details

  • ClientPL Invest OÜ
  • TechnologyWooCommerce Wordpress
  • Date04.04.2018
  • Linkhttps://rahvamotoparts.ee


Development of a multilingual online store. The site is an online shop for motorcycles and spare parts for them Rahvamoto.ee, more than 4000 articles and search for 100 bugs after the previous developers.

Initial site analysis using PageSpeed Insights provided 20/40 of 100.20 for the mobile version, 40 for the desktops.

Optimization, optimization of images, code, styles and java scripts, reducing the number of modules used, and replacing the template resulted in a site load speed of 1.72 sec 62/81

Terms of Reference

    • template selection and customization;
    • site localization based on plugin Polylang;
    • optimization and cleaning of the database, bug fixes in the shopping cart and when ordering, caused by an outdated template;


  • organization of site logistics, complete replacement of categories, adding brands and display models, changing the structure of the site;
  • a catalog of models for finding spare parts for the desired model of motorcycle;
  • Brands page with search filter options to select the brand you want
  • an interdependent, intuitive product filter tailored to the customer's needs and multilingual website;
  • clever search with a selection of options for your favorite three characters (name, article, tags, tags, part of a word, price, model);
  • questions about the product on the product page;
  • fast communication with the support of Facebook messenger
  • SEO descriptions and optimization, CDNs for images, browser-side caching, and file compression while retrieving from the server;
  • import and export of goods;
  • bulk editing of product attributes and prices