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WPress.in.ua uses cookies to collect statistics about visitors and to log information about their preferences when they visit their website. The purpose of our use of cookies is to increase the convenience of our site visitors.


Cookies contain small amounts of data that are downloaded to your device when you visit our websites. Cookies are sent back to our website so we can recognize your device without identifying you.

By identifying your device with cookies, it improves the navigation efficiency of our site to obtain the requested information and services.

Cookies allow our site to remember your preferences as well as help you view information that matches your interests. In addition, cookies allow us to maintain and improve our website by providing information about how visitors find and use our site, as well as information about its performance.


You may have different controls for cookies on your computer or device. You can change your browser settings to prevent cookies from being received, or, depending on the browser you use, be notified when you try to receive a cookie from your browser.

If you change the mechanism of receiving cookies, further navigation through the website is possible, but certain features will not be available.

Browser help typically provides information on how to block cookies or change settings. The specific setup procedures depend on which browser you are using.

You can delete cookies stored by the browser using the appropriate function. While this does not mean that cookies will not be collected by the browser in the future, you can delete them after a session on the Internet. This feature is often called "clearing cookies." Cleaning cookies in one browser on one device does not automatically delete them on the other.