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Адмінка WORDPRESS на вашому телефоні.

There are many WORDPRESS secrets that the user should know about. Now, let's talk about the WORDPRESS app that lets you control your site right from your mobile phone screen, on the road, on the subway or on a business trip.

In his annual State of the Word speech, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg presented very interesting data: almost 31% of WordPress users work with the system through their iOS-based mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There is an official WordPress App available on App Store.

How do I connect and use the WordPress app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device?

  1. Install on your phone or tablet The official WordPress App
  2. Then enter your site address (s if you are a developer of many projects), login and password.
  3. This is the end.

What can the app do?

  1. Quick access to the admin area in an adapted but not abbreviated version.
  2. Sends messages about any events on your site.
  3. Fast posting and viewing.
  4. Statistics.

So, the next time you need to urgently go to the admin of the sites you accompany, your customer will not have to wait until you have access to your own computer. Your work will be really fast and your customers satisfied.

* The app requires the integration of the Jetpack plugin to display statistics and messages on your phone. But it works without it as the admin of the site on your phone.